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Potty Talk

November 3, 2019


One of the most important phrases you memorise (memorize) in a foreign language is, "Where is the restroom?" British English is no exception, but instead of restroom or bathroom, it's the toilet [cringe], loo, water closet, WC, lavatory, gents, ladies... To clarify, the toilet (British English) is the room that houses the toilet (American English). I personally defaulted to "loo".


In the loo loo skip to my loo:

1. There are typically two flush options: One for numero uno (to reduce amount of water flushed) and another for the other. 💩

2. Near floor-to-ceiling cubicles (stalls): Talk about privacy (pri-vuh-see). 

3. Motion-sensor lighting: Energy-saving mechanism that may require some interpretive dancing.  


Jokes aside, I'm so thankful for indoor plumbing. But when that's not an option, nature has her own remedies: Meet the Tiger Toilet, replete with poop-eating worms. Yes, worms that compost human waste. Eisenia fetida live off poop, remove most of the pathogens, and leave behind water, carbon dioxide and some leftover "wormy compost" that make for good fertilizer. Tiger Toilets are also less odorous than traditional pit latrines, low maintenance (for the most part, worms just do their thing for years, in the ground and out of sight from users) and don't breed mosquitoes. Now we're talking! 


Jokes front and center: Here's a glimpse into the provider of the regular poo-haha that was enjoyed among classmates. The year was defined by hearty laughter that left several of us regularly in tears; my classmates were the looniest bunch of hydroverts, ever, and I feel so lucky to have had them for that year of intense learning.

Notes from a very thoughtful American classmate regarding the itinerary of a study tour.

N.B. the reassuring bullet point about potty breaks.






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