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kind words

Stephanie provided beautiful Escort Cards (Apples with cards in the shape of a leaf in gold) for the wedding. In addition, she provided a large menu board (Full size door) handwritten in her beautiful calligraphy! You'll want to seek her out for sure! 


I absolutely love Stephanie's calligraphy! It is so exquisite! She is careful to write each letter with perfection, and is super flexible if there needs to be any changes. She works with all of her heart, and really wants to provide a finished product that can be enjoyed by everyone. I'm so thankful she helped in our wedding! Thank you for making this day so special!!


Her writing can be elegant or quaint, whatever the occasion calls for. She also works with integrity and conviction that whatever product she delivers should meet her customers needs at a fair price for her services. ...We were so happy to have her write our invitations.  


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